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We operate jointly in the development and implementation of new technologies


Efficient high-quality solutions


Our centralized operation and administration system is a complete and modular banking solution, which addresses a wide array of needs using ad-on modules like: savings, checking, investments, fixed installments, commercial credits, home loans. Additionally, it integrates money markets, international treasury management, administration of innovative products (raffles and drawings) and several new modern banking demands.

The implementation of this application can be seen reflected in:

  • Operation cost reduction
  • Rise in productivity
  • Risk mitigation
  • Customer service improvement
  • Enables growth
  • Rise in earnings

SIF centralizes an institution’s operations in a safe, stable and easy to use system. It offers the possibility to escalate without hindering the day-to-day tasks.




Modular and Flexible Solutions

The design of our modular system allows the partial or simultaneous installation of all of your modules without causing any operation delays. We install only the modules that the client needs, which makes the integration process and system adoption easier.

Scalability and Stability in High Volumes

SIF’s interface was design to process a high volume of transactions; it is prepared to efficiently manage the annual increase of information, without any risks of collapse or loss of information.

Low Implementation Costs

SIF is a tailored modular system, we install only the modules needed by the client, and this eliminates unnecessary operation functions, which translates in cost decrease and optimized implementation time.

Oniline Client-Server Architecture

The dedicated network scheme of SIF allows online and offline branch operation, offering maximum information security using encrypted protocols.

Structured Data Models

SIF’s application takes place in a transactional form in a related and staggered data model to guarantee the safety and integrity of the information. This allows the transition to SIF to be organic and non-invasive.

Online Real Time

SIF presents instant real-time information 24/7. Its intelligent architecture assures that when there’s a disruption in the communication, all interrupted movements are registered and synched when service is restored.

Maximum Security

The Integrated Financial System provides high security parameters, access to the application as a user or client; it is controlled by biometric readers that offer a level of privacy.

It Complies with Mexican Norms

The solution is aligned to the processes and requirements established by the CNBV, SHCP, and Banco de México. The modules are adequate to the regulations of NAFIN, FIRA, or SHC, depending on their line of business.



  • Unique and Integral Client

Catchment and Services

  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Fixed Installments – Investments
  • Remittance – Immediate Payment
  • Transfers and Conciliations
  • Debit Cards


  • Financial and Stock
  • Investment Funds (Mutual)
  • Mesa Dinero (Fixed Rent)
  • Stock Market (Variable Rent)
  • Currency Hedging
  • Money Orders and Wire Transfers
  • Letter of Credit
  • Futures and Derivatives


  • Commercial Credit
  • Home Credit
  • Credit Lines
  • Control Applications
  • Resource Funding
  • Guarantees
  • Values Portfolio
  • Collection
  • Pure and Financial Leases


  • Accounting
  • Budgets
  • Reports to the Authorities
  • Money Laundering Prevention


  • Treasury
  • Cashier and Bank Control
  • PEUA/SPEI (Interbank Transfers)
  • IDEAS (Interbank Transfers)
  • Funds
  • Resource Funding


  • Communication between Branches
  • ATM and POS Administration Interface
  • ISO 8583 ISO Module
  • Offline Authorization
  • PIN Handling
  • Phone Banking Interface
  • Online Banking Interface