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Who we are?

We are experts in technology solutions for the financial market


We are the Mexican company with the most notable history in the development of specialized financial systems in Latin America

Since 1982 Grupo PISA has been dedicated to providing technology products and services specially designed for Mexico’s banking industry. Currently, the technological adhesion of the financial industry demands safe, reliable and flexible operating methods to guarantee growth. It is with this in mind that, we offer solutions focused on these requirements and we put the client's needs at the core of our business.

Today, Grupo PISA has focused on offering flexible and functional Core Banking solutions tailored to the needs of Mexican financial organizations. Our Integral Financial System SIF uses centralized, modular and shared Core Banking technology. SIF is the only Core Banking System that consistently complies with all Mexican banking regulations.

SIF (Integral Financial System) is able to operate all financial institution processes without the cost and time of a proprietary and / or tailor-made software development. Its modular development allows for a customized implementation of the particular functions that each client requires. SIF Core Banking System is one of the few financial systems that adapts to the institution’s operational workflow, therefore not requiring drastic changes in its regular work processes.

Value offer

Grupo PISA's experience in the financial area makes us the most reliable Core Banking company in the Latin American market.

SIF was developed under the objective of allowing swift implementations. Its modular architecture allows deployment as a single operating system or partial installation of particular functionalities.

On average, implementing SIF takes three to five months making it one of the fastest-running financial systems in Mexico.

SIF is the only Core Banking Financial System that complies with 100% of the Mexican regulations and guarantees to carry out all the necessary adjustments and modifications within the time frame stipulated by the Mexican Banking Commission.


In 1982 we noticed a lack of solutions in the changing needs of the banking industry. We formed Grupo PISA with the vision of being a part of the transformation of the financial industry in Mexico.

During the 1980s we focused our efforts developing dedicated products for the banking industry and creating strategic alliances with foreign companies that sought to enter the Mexican financial technology market. The success in the implementation of these products, along with our banking knowledge and expertise, made Grupo PISA the main distributor of these systems.

In the 1990s we became independent and developed a modular integrated system under the “open-source” platform, which covers an array of financial operations, incorporating relational databases and developing client/server architecture. This innovation placed us in the list of the top companies in system development.

In the first months of 2000, we began expanding to the Latin American market, mainly to Argentina, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. Our flexibility has opened new doors for us.

Over 35 years of work has allowed us to prosper in a future that we barely saw possible back in 1980. We have consolidated as leaders of technological solutions for the particular needs of financial organizations, thanks to our personalized attention and service, our business relationships and our endearing friendships.